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I graduated in 2017 from the University of Maine where I worked in the Maine Mood Disorders Lab with Dr. Emily Haigh. While there, I conducted research on depression, cognitive reactivity, and the psychophysiology of mood. My senior thesis evaluated the psychometrics of a revised measure of cognitive reactivity, the LEIDS-RR, and was presented at a local conference. I then accepted a position as a post-baccalaureate researcher working with Dr. Gregory Strauss at the University of Georgia. My research duties included participant recruitment, data collection for EMA and affective neuroscience studies, processing ERP and eye tracking data, statistical analysis, and assisting with manuscripts.

Currently I am a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Georgia under the supervision of Dr. Gregory Strauss.

My research focuses on emotion regulation, mindfulness, and the application of ecological designs to research questions. Key questions I seek to answer include the mechanisms of mindfulness training, the role of acceptance, and how these affect the emotion regulation process.

I work towards social justice in my program and community through engagement with the UGA Psychology Department’s Racial Trauma Taskforce editing the Black and EMPOWERed podcast, advocating for the needs of Black and other marginalized people within academia, denouncing White Supremacist rhetoric and actions, and by working to apply my research on emotion regulation to helping people cope with stressful events including experiences of discrimination.

I use R for data management and analysis and like to post functions I am working on or interesting challenges I have worked through.

In my free time I dance, cook, read, play video games, and take pictures of nature.